Boat Trip And Crocodile dundee

Hello guys,
Its Good morning to all my viewers and It is a lovely morning today and what I am going to show you will definitely make your online experience adventurous. Today is 23rd of May, and me and my wife had this great opportunity for a boat trip sponsored by the owners of the Lovely Boat Cruises , Goa which is owned by Mr. Lovely Vijayto Menezes from Sant. Estevaum.

It is 8.30 am, 23rd May , 2017, and we have reached a farm at khandepar where the Boat is also anchored on the banks of this farm in the Khandepar River. The Opa river usually flows in the rainy season, into this river and this river then flows into River Mandovi.
As we wait for some more guests to arrive, let me give you an idea of the setup of the farm situated on the banks of this river and which is owned by a private entrepreneur Mr. Khandeparkar.

I had the opportunity to have my wife along with me and of course, Mr. Menezes and some of his other guests consisting of family of three and the OBM operator.
The boat started from Khandepar farm and soon we crossed the Sonar Bag, Usgao to our right and we could see the Pale Mines. 

It was within an hour or so we reached Savoi verem and Volvoi areas where the sand mining has become very active these days. Although there is a blanket ban on these activities,these bans  are just another way to politicise the business. Whose resources ? and who bans it ? and ultimately it could be somebody from outside the state who could be allowed to mine it. So who makes the bucks ? These businesses were  initially a way of livelihood to most of the locals and poor people  in this areas in olden days and suddenly you find that the politicians have become greedy and decided to deny the locals their daily bread.
Tourism as a means of Employment for Locals  is possible if the Government does not interfere in business  like the sand mining business and allow the trade to fall in the hands of politicians who prefer migrants to locals. The Government should facilitate legal trade and business and not bring impediments so that locals are driven out of it.

Goa tourism is very much related to the culture and Goan ambience which includes the Goan people. Tourism without Goans is like Bees without flowers or vice versa.  when the particular sector gets competitive due to overcrowding it tends to make it non lucrative for the local goans. So also when the stakes have been sold to outsiders the migrant owners will bring in migrants only .  THIS IS BAD FOR GOAN TOURISM BECAUSE GOAN TOURISM CANNOT FLOURISH WITHOUT GOANS. You may call this un democratic but it is not Anti Tourism.The reason for this migrants taking over jobs of Local Goans is primarily because whenever the politicians have interest in any business , he tries to politicise it, and brings in laws that make it difficult for the locals to compete, and slowly they indirectly take over the stakes. They prefer to bring in migrants to hide their hidden agenda and motives. It is easier to keep their secrets secure with outsiders than locals. This is true also in case of Sand mining. This is true in case of Shack allotments along the beaches.

The crocodile sighting  was possible at opposite  a tiny island Tonca, Marcela and that was the most entertaining moment of our day. Probably these creatures have increased their population mainly due to the tourism in the state and thanks to the tourist. Earlier the crocodile were almost extinct or an endangered species, and thanks to tourism Industry.

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