Boat Trip And Crocodile dundee

Hello guys,
Its Good morning to all my viewers and It is a lovely morning today and what I am going to show you will definitely make your online experience adventurous. Today is 23rd of May, and me and my wife had this great opportunity for a boat trip sponsored by the owners of the Lovely Boat Cruises , Goa which is owned by Mr. Lovely Vijayto Menezes from Sant. Estevaum.

It is 8.30 am, 23rd May , 2017, and we have reached a farm at khandepar where the Boat is also anchored on the banks of this farm in the Khandepar River. The Opa river usually flows in the rainy season, into this river and this river then flows into River Mandovi.
As we wait for some more guests to arrive, let me give you an idea of the setup of the farm situated on the banks of this river and which is owned by a private entrepreneur Mr. Khandeparkar.

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